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English Sasha Doll Outfits Accessories

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English/Trendon Sasha Doll Outfits and Accessories

Blue Track Suit
Blue track suit, white shorts, white trainers with black trim. Made 1978-86. Brand new outfit in original packing.
For Sasha Brunette Pink Dress
Pink dress and pants, long white socks, pants and brown laced shoes. Made 1979-86. Brand new in original pack.
For Sasha Blonde Tunic 115S
White/blue pattern blouse, blue slip-on-tunic, white tights, underslip, white court shoes. made 1985-86. Brand new outfit in original packing
Jumpsuit for Gregor Fair 304
Navy cord all-in-one suit, red scarf, white u/pants, red/white socks, white shoes. Made 1977-86. Brand new outfit in original packing.
Red Dress for Sasha Brunette 104
Red smocked dress, matching pants, white vest/socks/ankle strap shoes. Made 1974-78. Brandnew outfit in original packing
Pink Outfit
Pink dress and pants, pink belt. Manufactured 1969
Gregor London Striped Shirt
Gregor London striped shirt.
White Knitted Shawl
White knitted shawl for baby.
Nappy no velcro
Cream Cotton Trousers
Cream cotton trousers for CALEB.
White Cotton Suit
White cotton suit for black baby.
DIY Sasha Cut-Out
DIY Sasha Cut-Out (No Sandals).
DIY Gregor Cut-Out
DIY Gregor Cut-Out (No Boots).
DIY Baby Cut-Out
DIY Baby Cut-Out (No Bird).
Black/White Check Trousers
Black/white check trousers for CALEB.
Sasha School Gymslip and Blouse
Sasha school gymslip and blouse.
Gregor School Outfit
Gregor school trousers, shirt, tie and belt.
Ltd Edition Harlequin Dress and Pants
Limited Edition Harlequin dress and pants.
Ltd Edition Prince Gregor Suit
Limited Edition Prince Gregor suit, top, trousers and hat.
Knee High Socks
Baby Rosie knee high socks.
Sasha/Gregor Vest
Sasha/Gregor vest.
Hair Net
Hair net.
Straw Hat
Straw net
Harlequin Straw Hat
Limited Edition Harlequin straw hat.
Wig Pintucks
Wig-long blonde hair (Pintucks).
Wig Prince Gregor
Wig-short brown hair (Prince Gregor).
Set of 20 postcards.
Brown Belt
Brown Belt.
Guitar (as used by Harlequin).
Sasha Fabric Symbols
10 Sasha fabric symbols.